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Thanks for this excellent work, I’m a grateful user. One feature I would LOVE is to assign an uploaded key photo to a page that either remains pinned to the top of the page or appears as a banner (with fully adjustable proportions). Crucially, I’d love to be able to show/hide this image elsewhere in the graph when the page is mention - especially query results or Kanban boards - so it becomes a bit like Trello or Notion etc in that respect. Please build this! The current banner plug-in in Roam Depot is too limited because it has to ref a URL of an image hosted elsewhere. Also it is limited by the sizing/proportions that it allows as images are other overly cropped to be used as banners (which doesn’t suit many images), or full the entire screen if the height is increased in order to see the main content of the image. Both options are pretty pointless for my use case.

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